basic gif tutorial~

an anon requested a gif tutorial and i’m going to make one now(it works for windows/mac) c: : 

first, download your clip and put it on quicktime player (it supports mp4,m4v,mov,avi,3gp,dv,3gp2 files)

i’ll be using the doctor who(the doctor’s wife episode) next, hit ctrl + t (windows) or command+t(mac) and you’ll get this:

just trim the clip to your liking (for best results,get the trimmed clip to last between 2 -4 seconds) and click the trim button. now that you’ve done that, go to file>save as.

name the file whatever floats your boat, it doesn’t matter where you save it as long it’s format is movie.

it’ll save as an mov format, which is compatible for photoshop. now open up photoshop, go to window and click animation if you haven’t already.

import the video. file>import>video frames to layers. find your movie and click load on it.

when you load your movie a window will pop up, and it’ll ask you about the range to import. I choose selected range only and select the part of the movie I want. Hit ok when you’re done.

you should have this now:

trim the amount of frames to what you want, here’s how you delete frames:

when you’re done, just go to file>save for web and devices. you want it to be under 500k because that’s the gif size limit for tumblr (bottom left hand corner of the window). use the settings i use:

and here is your end result!

play around with the effects and you’ll get different results~

if you have gif requests or questions, ask away~ c: 

thanks for reading this tutorial. (:

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